Grass Fed Whey CBD Protein Powder Chocolate

  • Boost Recovery, Build Lean Muscle Mass, and Burn Fat
  • All Natural – No artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners
  • Naturally sweetened with Stevia
  • Minimally processed providing a full range of non-denatured amino acids
  • 25g protein per serving
  • Contains 500mg CBD per bag
  • Approximately 5.6g BCAAs per serving
  • 3rd party lab tested CBD for quality and purity
  • Manufactured in an FDA approved facility
  • Zero THC


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Product Details

A one of a kind product in the industry, our all-natural, non-GMO CBD infused grass-fed whey protein provides a whopping

  • 25g of protein,
  • 5.6g BCAAs, and
  • 500mg of highly bioavailable CBD per container

Our protein mixes easily, tastes great, and contains no artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavors. Whether you use pre or post workout, or include in your daily wellness smoothie, our protein will help you build lean muscle and support the recovery you need for maximized performance.


Suggested Use: Mix 3 scoops with 4 to 6 oz of water or beverage of your choice depending on your dietary needs. Adjust volume of liquid based on preferred consistency.


Ingredients: rBGH-Free Whey Protein Concentrate (Whey Protein Concentrate, Non-GMO Sunflower Lecithin), 86% Pure Cocoa, Natural Chocolate, 2.5% Hemp Extract, and Natural Stevia

Contains: Milk


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Goliath NutriPower CBD Protein Powder is minimally processed and providing a full spectrum of non-denatured amino acids, our whey protein doesn’t elicit the typical dairy response that often causes gas, bloating, or cramping, making it ideal for consumption by those who may not normally tolerate whey. 

Nutrition Facts

Amount Per Serving – Based on a 2000 Calorie Diet

% Daily Value

  • Total Fat 1g 4%
  • Saturated Fat 0%
  • Cholesterol 20mg 7%
  • Sodium 35mg 1%
  • Total Carbohydrate 3g <1%
  • Protein 25g 50%

Typical Amino Acid Profile per Serving

  • Alanine 1245mg
  • Arginine 675mg
  • Aspartic Acid 2640mg
  • Cysteine 447mg
  • Glutamic Acid 4293mg
  • Glycine 474mg
  • Histidine 459mg
  • Isoleucine 1554mg
  • Leucine 2661mg
  • Lysine 2443mg
  • Methicnine 587mg
  • Phenylalanins 831mg
  • Proline 1605mg
  • Serine 1101mg
  • Threonine 1539mg
  • Trptophan 396mg
  • Tyrosine 774mg
  • Valine 1461mg

TOTAL BCAAs -- 5676mg

5 reviews for Grass Fed Whey CBD Protein Powder Chocolate

  1. Avatar

    Jackie C.

    I tried the Essential CBD Infused Grass-Fed Whey and loved it. The taste is AMAZING and all I did was mix it with almond milk.

  2. Avatar

    Dianna M.

    The protein is delicious and smells good too. My niece even liked it and she’s a picky eater who doesn’t eat protein a lot. I loved it too. I am so excited because I am always on the go now and have something to make in my car.

  3. Avatar

    Brooke H.

    OMG. I made a smoothie with frozen banana, a little peanut butter and honey, almond milk, and a couple ice cubes… And it’s a freaking vanilla dream. It got a really smooth consistency and easy to drink too! I need to tell the world!

  4. Avatar

    Meredith C.

    I am really enjoying the CBD infused grass fed whey protein powder! It goes well in smoothies, water, milk, pretty much everything I’ve tried. I think it’s definitely helping my muscles recover more. The soreness and fatigue isn’t as prevalent.

  5. Avatar


    Thank you Allie for the nice note in my package. I ordered two bags last week and so happy to have them arrive! I met you in Florida in December and purchased the product at a volley ball Tournement. I love the vanilla. I have tried a lot of protein drinks and this is the first one I missed when I did not reorder. My nails were so strong within a month. I also like the focus drops. The ointment is amazing. My boyfriend has a rotator cuff injury and it gives him complete pain relief. Your products are the best! You thanked me in your letter for support during unconventional times and I in turn thank you for the terrific products!

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