Break the Cycle – Ending Emotional Eating 21 Day Program

● 21 day meal plan with full breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes
● Bonus dessert and snack recipes
● Shopping List
● Food Diary
● Emotional Eating Worksheet
● Self Love Journal
● 50 Daily Affirmations



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Are you still struggling with your diet, your gym schedule, and losing weight or maintaining weight? The world makes it really hard to keep on track with our health and also to love our body image. Sometimes it’s so hard that it becomes confusing.

We’ve lost touch with what real food is, what real nutrition is – instead we fill ourselves with empty calories and we do not get the results we have worked so hard for, so we end up reaching for something to soothe the soul. Something to make us feel better. We truly forget what the importance of good nourishment.

Pressure, stress, society’s standards make it really hard to focus on the really important elements of a healthy lifestyle.

All these things are overwhelming… They are enough to make you want to just give up.

However, regaining control of your body and mindset is possible. Improving your health and giving your body a fighting chance is possible. Transforming from the inside out is possible.

Ending Emotional Eating Will Enable You To:

  • Reclaim your health and get unstuck from unhealthy cycles
  • Feel energetic, strong, and empowered
  • Get lighter on your feet and in your soul
  • Discover how your body will feel when it’s not loaded with toxins, inflammation and all that extra baggage you don’t need
  • Remove toxic thoughts from your mind once and for all

Our 21 day Ending Emotional Eating Program is for women and men who feel overwhelmed, frustrated, emotional, etc. and just want to live life to the fullest while reclaiming their body and mindset


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