What Does CBD Feel Like? Is it Good for Athletes?

What Does CBD Feel Like? Is it Good for Athletes?

What Does CBD Feel Like and Other Questions Answered

If you’re not too familiar with CBD products, you’ve landed on the right blog. As a CBD supplement brand specializing in helping active lifestyles, we’re here to help answer some of those burning questions you’ve been wondering about. So, let’s get right into it!

CBD is known for its calming and soothing effects, while being non-intoxicating. We know, this may be a little confusing. The reason it is non-intoxicating is because CBD products do not contain THC, which is the substance in the cannabis plant that produces psychoactive effects. CBD also targets different receptors than THC, which can help to improve moods without altering cognitive features.

So, what does CBD feel like? It creates a sense of relaxation in users, which is why it’s so popular as an oil. There are also studies that show CBD helps to reduce chronic pain, inflammation, and other ailments, making it perfect for active individuals. One user reported that after taking an Extra Strength Full Spectrum CBD Oil, they felt “more relaxed, fall asleep easier, and wake up feeling better.”

Are There Studies Done on CBD Feelings?

While reading up on customer reviews are excellent, proven studies can help further drive your CBD comfort level. A research study found that CBD contained useful wake-promoting properties that help individuals feel less sluggish, groggy, or cloudy. CBD also has antioxidants in it, which help to boost energy levels in the body.

What Can CBD Be Used for to Help Athletes?

As an athlete or active individual, being calm and relaxed may not be the first thing on your mind. While a CBD oil can also help focus the mind, there are other options that can help with performance and recovery.

  • Performance-Oriented CBD Protein Powder can help to build lean muscles while burning fat, making it perfect for a pre- or post-workout drink.
  • A Recovery Pain Salve is ideal for those suffering from joint and muscle pain, soreness, stiffness, or inflammation. It can also help soothe dry, chaffed, or bruised skin.

How Can I Trust a CBD Brand?

Finding a health-oriented CBD brand is easier than you think—you’re already on our page! Goliath Nutripower was founded on helping active individuals with recovery, optimal performance, and overall health and wellness. We are also partnered with the Wholistic Research & Education Foundation to support research on the clinical benefits of CBD and provide date driven education to the public and health care practitioners.

If you’re curious about our CBD supplements, explore our products online.


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