A CBD Rub for Pain Relief? (Yes, It's Real)

A CBD Rub for Pain Relief? (Yes, It’s Real)

Using a CBD Rub? Here’s What You Need to Know

Whether you’re an athlete, gym buff, avid hiker, or dog walker, pain and soreness are inevitable. But don’t worry, if you’re here, that means you’re looking for some relief! And we have just the thing—a CBD rub.

What Is a CBD Muscle Rub?

While pain balms are nothing new, the addition of CBD has only begun in recent years. Research shows that CBD’s properties can help with inflammation and pain. These rubs are already loaded with excellent ingredients, and CBD provides an extra boost.

How Can a CBD Pain Relief Rub Help?

Unlike CBD oil, a rub can specifically target an area of concern, such as a muscle or joint. After strenuous exercise, swelling can occur, causing tightness and pain. A CBD rub can help reduce that inflammation and get you ready to keep grinding the next day.

While most people think of using a CBD pain relief rub after exercising, it can actually be used before to lessen inflammation. Either way, it can help shorten your recovery period.

What Else Is in a CBD Rub?

As we mentioned above, there will be other prominent ingredients in a CBD rub. For example, our Pain Away Salve uses organic coconut oil, MCT oil, aloe vera, beeswax, MSM, cocoa butter, vitamin E, peppermint extract, and lavender extract. These each have unique properties that, when used together, create calming and soothing effects.

What Makes the Pain Away Salve Different?

We snuck in our powerhouse ingredient above, did you catch it? MSM, or methylsulfonylmethane, is known to help fight inflammation and increase transdermal absorption. This means your body can better absorb and feel the effects of CBD and other strong ingredients.

Our passion is providing health and wellness supplements to active individuals. From our CBD Pain Salve to CBG oil, every product is all-natural, non-GMO, unflavored, and 3rd party lab tested. Shop our products online!


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