One on One Training or Group Classes?

One on One Training or Group Classes?

The Benefits of One on One Training

If you’re kick-starting your healthy lifestyle or looking to switch up your fitness regimen, using a professional trainer is a great start and well-recommended. After all, they are professionals. Their knowledge of exercise and nutrition from industry experience is something you won’t find on Google.

But which is better—one on one training or group classes? Let’s look at the benefits of using a personal trainer in comparison to group classes:

Individualized plans

The number one benefit of a personal trainer is an individualized plan made just for you. Your body, health, and fitness journey are unlike any other’s, and your regimen should reflect that. With one on one training, a trainer will provide exercises and a nutrition plan with those aspects in mind, including any medical concerns or specific issues you’re experiencing. 

Personal connections

It’s in the name; one on one training is just you and the trainer. This means you’ll get to know who you’re working with on a personal level and have the entire session to ask questions and receive guidance. During a group class, you may have to compete for the instructor’s attention and only be able to talk before or after a class. 

Target specific goals

Most group classes focus on the overall body, which may be useful every once in a while, but is not sustainable long-term. To achieve specific goals, you’ll need to target muscles one at a time. You’ll likely see a personal trainer a few times a week, meaning every session will work together towards your fitness goals. For example, is your goal to get lean? Gain muscles? Lose fat? One on one training will address these objectives and set you on the right path to achievement. 

Support you can count on

A personal trainer’s job is to, yes, train you, but also provide the motivation and guidance to keep you going. We all can use that extra push some days, and one on one training will do just that. Personal training can better address mindset blocks, self-sabotaging behaviors, and obstacles that may be keeping you from reaching your goals. Remember, a trainer is already dedicated to creating healthy lifestyles, so you just have to show up and soak in all of that passion. 

Flexible scheduling

A group class will stick to a set schedule, whereas personal training is more flexible. They will offer times based on your availability and better be able to reschedule sessions. What’s more, most group sessions have limited make-up policies, meaning you’re likely to lose out on some money. 

Service within your comfort zone

Adopting an online model has become the new normal for many group classes and personal training sessions. Especially during Covid-19, many trainers now operate either completely or partially online and host sessions via Zoom while delivering plans through personalized apps. It’s best to find a trainer that offers services within your health and safety comfort zone.

What to Look for in a Personal Trainer

Some personal trainers work independently through networking, while others choose to work for a gym. Both are completely acceptable as long as the trainer has an accredited certification. The best thing to do is schedule a consultation before committing. Most consultations will be free, and some even offer a free first session. 

At Goliath Nutripower, our coaches work alongside you every step of the way, creating customized, individual programs based on your needs. Between our fitness, nutrition, and health coaches, you’ll find the resources you need to jump-start a healthy lifestyle. Fill out our online contact form to schedule your free 30-minute phone consultation.


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