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We’ve Partnered with the Wholistic Research & Education Foundation

We believe in the healing power of cannabinoids and strive to support the shift back to natural medicine. From athletes to cancer patients, we want to ensure that the highest quality cannabinoids are accessible to all who need it.

In the effort to do so, we’ve partnered with the Wholistic Research & Education Foundation to support research on the clinical benefits of CBD, provide date driven education to the public and health care practitioners, and impact drug policy at the federal level.

5% of all profit is directly donated to the Wholistic Research & Education Foundation to support research, education, and public policy reform.


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  1. Avatar
    Pelin Thorogood

    Hello, I am the president and co-founder of Wholistic Research and Education Foundation. Just saw the above post and am very pleasantly surprised since I wan’t aware of your organization or your commitment to support us before. Can we please get in touch to get to know each other?

    1. Allie Cass
      Allie Cass

      Hi Pelin! I have sent you an email to connect.

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